Maureen Schnirer

Maureen has built a career in corporate partnerships with the NHL, the Calgary Stampede, Ducks Unlimited and Edmonton Northlands. Maureen and her family own and operate a beef and grain farm in Westlock County. This has prepared her for the hard work and resiliency it takes to be successful. Maureen has another very important role; Mom to two children enrolled in elementary school. Maureen is active in the community as Chairperson of the Range Gals Dinner, celebrating women in Agriculture and raising funds for the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

“I am honoured to represent the constituents of Ward 1 East. Busby, Clyde, Halach, Tawatinaw, Nestow, Anton Lake, Halfway Lake, Jeffrey, Waugh, Vimy, Arvilla, Pickardville and Fawn Lake. I will advocate for our students and make decisions that are best for our students and their education.”