Annual Reports

Every year, the provincial government gives Pembina Hills a report card to let us know how we are doing in 15 key areas. As part of this process the department of education surveys parents, students and teachers at community schools. Find out how we did last year in the AERR Summary Report.

We value success for every student. We can achieve success for every student when:

  • All parcipants in the education system are engaged in learning
  • Students, staff, parents and community commit to building an inclusive culture that is welcoming, caring, respectful and safe, in every area of the system
  • We accept all students for who they are and what they need
  • We provide all students with a sense of belonging
  • We teach the literacy and numeracy skills students need to be confident and competent in school and in life

Our priorities are:

  • Address the Diversity of Student Needs
    Addressing the Diversity of Student Needs is everyone’s responsibility
  • Student-Teacher Relationships
    Student-Teacher Relationships are everyone’s responsibility
  • Numeracy
    Everyone is a teacher of Numeracy
  • Literacy
    Everyone is a teacher of Literacy
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