Expense Disclosure

Please note, expenses disclosed here do not include expenses incurred by one individual on behalf of another. Expenses also do not include the use of division resources such as division owned vehicles.

Please contact Regional Services Office at 780.674.8500 if you have a specific request.

Jackie Carson - Trustee
Jackie Comeau - Trustee
Judy Lefebvre - Trustee
Kerry McElroy - Trustee
Wendy Scinski - Trustee
Jennifer Tuininga - Trustee
David Garbutt - Superintendent
Brett Cooper - Assistant Superintendent
Mark Thiesen - Assistant Superintendent
Tracy Meunier - Retired Secretary Treasurer
Nancy Keough - Former Trustee
Annette Bokenfohr - Former Trustee
Jan Hoffart - Former Trustee
Kim Webster - Former Trustee
Sheri Watson - Former Trustee
Wendy Scinski - Retired Assistant Superintendent
Cam Oulton - Retired Assistant Superintendent
Colleen Symyrozum-Watt - Former Superintendent