Division News Article

A Learning at Home option for Pembina Hills families

July 24th, 2020

The recent announcement by the Minister of Education declaring that Alberta students can return to school this fall has sparked plenty of conversations. Some families are concerned about the health measures. Others had good experiences with learning-at-home and want to continue.  

Vista Virtual School has 24 years of experience with distance learning

Pembina Hills School Division will support the delivery of a full educational program at a distance. While the choice for most families has been traditional school environments, the demand for distance learning has been around for years. PHSD’s Vista Virtual School has operated the distance learning school since 1996. Vista Virtual School teachers provide students with instruction, support and assessment across the entire program of studies, Grades 1-12.  The results have been excellent. Vista Virtual School students continuously exceed the provincial averages on diploma exam courses. 

A safe, flexible option

If safety, flexibility and academic excellence are important to you, and you are considering keeping your kids at home this fall, Vista Virtual School is a great solution that keeps you connected to the Pembina Hills family of schools.  

Vista Virtual School has a regular school year

Like traditional schools, Vista Virtual School operates on a regular school year from September through June. High school courses are semestered. We also offer high school courses during a summer school.

Teachers engage with students through online and print content

Elementary and Junior High course content is mostly print-based with some online courses. High school course content is entirely online. Student-teacher relationships are critical to student success and despite the distance delivery, our programs are designed to rely on engaging interactions. Our teachers communicate regularly with students within the courses, through email, text, video chat and phone calls.

Vista Virtual School connects with students

Like other schools, Vista Virtual School has Student Parent Teacher Interviews, a graduation ceremony, an awards ceremony, and other interesting field trips planned throughout the year to help connect our wider school community. The teachers are always ready to help and expect that students will ask for assistance regarding coursework and assignments. They strive to keep students and parents informed of progress on a regular basis.

Got more questions?

Vista Virtual School’s website is www.vvschool.ca There you can look under the “Our School” tab for descriptions of the school, reasons to choose VVS as your distance learning school, and frequently asked questions.  Explore the site to learn more. 

You can also call the administration at Pembina Hills to discuss your options. Call either 780.674.8507 or 780.674.8525. We will work with you and the principal of your school to find the right plan for your child.