Division News Article

Bus cancellations and delays due to icy roads

January 13th, 2022

Freezing rain this morning impacted several Pembina Hills buses, including 25 cancelled routes and a few delays. Icy roads caused Bus 101 to become stuck in the ditch on Hwy 44 near Jarvie. Six (6) students were on board Bus 101 at the time of the incident, and although some students were upset and scared, no injuries were sustained.

Bus 35 which stopped to offer assistance, had room for the extra passengers and was able to transport all the students to school safely. Once it was safe to do so later in the day, Bus 101 was recovered by tow truck.

Thank you to our bus drivers for taking extra precautions and helping each other out in challenging conditions. We want to remind all drivers to stay safe out there. Please drive according to road conditions and allow extra distance when following school buses, especially on icy roads.