Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner—Allyse Borst

June 16th, 2022

Allyse Borst is a Grade 9 student at Pembina North Community School. She was nominated for the Citizenship Award by Teacher Carling Montgomery. 

Allyse is a lovely person who genuinely cares about those around her. She can often be seen helping and supporting others – her peers and younger students in various activities like sports, Cosmetology, and Foods.

Montgomery says, “Allyse always has a smile on her face and I have honestly never heard her say anything negative in the three years that I have been her teacher”. She has a positive attitude and works hard. If things don’t turn out as she hopes, she simply tries again. During online school, Allyse was ready for the challenge and ready to learn. Even though things were not easy, she persevered and never wavered, showing up with a smile every day.

Allyse is extremely diligent with everything she does. She works towards her goals, including trying new things during her final year at PNCS. Recently Allyse donated ten inches of her hair to show support for a family member who is undergoing treatment for cancer. 

Allyse has a warm heart and displays kindness to everyone she meets. She has become a leader on her basketball team largely because the other players will listen to her because she does not belittle or hurt others. She is always kind and respects others in her school.

The school board is pleased to present Allyse with the Citizenship Award for recognition of the positive contributions she makes in her school and community. Congratulations!