Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner—Brinley Ryrie

June 24th, 2022

Brinley Ryrie is a Kindergarten student at Eleanor Hall School. She was nominated for the Citizenship Award by Teacher Nadine Stoyko. 

Brinley is very responsible — she knows the rules and routines and follows them without needing reminders. She is always attentive and is an active participant. She takes care of her personal things as well as any property of the school. If Brinley is given a responsibility, she can be counted on to fulfill the expectations of that duty.

Super helpful and supportive of others, She gets along with everyone in class and will willingly work with anyone. Brinley is empathetic and patient with everyone, especially those who have a harder time. She is not afraid to jump in and lend a hand or a word of encouragement to those who need it. If there is a mess, she will jump in and clean it up. If a peer is left out, she will find a way to include them.

Brinley is always smiling and will point out the positive actions of the class in order to help them earn a reward. If she makes a suggestion to an adult and they thank her for her suggestion but don’t act on it, she understands and handles it with a mature attitude. Brinley can always be counted on to have a positive attitude and will always give 100% effort towards an activity.

She is thoughtful and displays kindness to others. Her class had mailboxes for each student and Brinley would create mail for many of her peers, not just her best friends. Brinley will always be honest about what she is feeling or thinking, but does it in a way that is respectful and kind. She will share her feedback on activities and make suggestions for improvement from her perspective.

Brinley does not talk negatively about anyone in the class. She respects others and celebrates differences in the class which makes her peers feel valued and appreciated by her. She is supportive and often offers words of encouragement to both her peers and the adults in the room. If someone is rude to her, she takes the high road and will continue to be respectful and kind towards them.  

The school board is pleased to present Brinley with the Citizenship Award for recognition of the positive contributions she makes in her school and community. Congratulations!