Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner—Chloe Banks

January 23rd, 2023

Chloe Banks is a Grade 7 student at Swan Hills School. She was nominated for the Citizenship Award by her teacher, Brenda Kuyek.

Chloe has shown she is a responsible student. In with her duties as a Safety Patrol Supervisor for Junior High, she has spent time training and mentoring Division 2 students who are part of the Safety Patrol. She is a handbell lead and assists with the setup and arrangement of the bells, helping and supporting students by teaching ringing techniques to new members.

Chloe’s positive attitude shines at school and in projects, she becomes involved with. She is very thoughtful, and dedicated and can be relied upon to find a replacement if she is not available for any of the roles that she volunteers for. She has gone above and beyond in volunteering to assist with out-of-school activities with the 50+ Seniors Association.

Chloe is observant and an excellent listener. She shows care and consideration for others, hearing their concerns or issues or simply listening to something someone wants to share. She also takes the time to listen to younger students in the hallway when she comes in from safety patrol.

Chloe consistently demonstrates respect towards all staff and students, and in following classroom and school expectations. Her dedication and commitment to her studies and overall success shows in her school and volunteer work and in her classroom.

The school board is pleased to present Chloe with a Citizenship Award for recognition of the positive contributions she makes in her school and community. Congratulations!