Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner – Christina Kuric

April 25th, 2019

Christina Kuric is a Grade 9 student at Neerlandia Public Christian School. Teacher Renee Rentz submitted the Citizenship Award nomination.  She outlined how Christina will help and support others. She can be found in elementary classrooms helping teachers during her break with bulletin boards or clean up. Christina plays on many sports teams and radiates a positive attitude. She encourages her teammates to remain positive and motivates them when learning new skills. She shows respect to the younger players by being patient and understanding. Christina displays kindness to others. Making conversation with others comes easily for her. She will hold a door open and greet everyone as they go into the gym for Monday morning assembly. She will go outside to recess and play with younger students. Her willingness to contribute as a positive role model to younger students is obvious.

In recognition of making positive contributions to her school and community, the Board awards the Citizenship Award to Christina!