Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner—David Minchin

June 16th, 2022

David Minchin is a Grade 9 student at Vista Virtual School. He was nominated for the Citizenship Award by Mike Wurz, Leader and Minister of the Rochfort Bridge Hutterite Colony. David attends school at the Rochort Bridge Colony School where his parents teach.   

Wurz says, “Over the last five years, I have seen David demonstrate responsibility in many ways. He is a responsible student who consistently achieves top marks and completes his course work early.” David also owns and operates a small chicken and egg business, selling eggs to his neighbours. He does this in addition to his other chores, including recycling, garbage, shoveling snow, cutting grass, and taking care of the horses and dogs. He also volunteers his time as a board member of the Mayerthorpe Public Library Teen Advisory Board. 

David helps and supports others, including the students at his school, often reading with them and helping with questions while the teachers are busy with other students. He helps with classroom discussions, science experiments, recess games, Christmas concerts and organizing the school library. He will even jump in when someone gets hurt on the playground or has an argument. Outside of school David is a tremendous support and help to his grandmother and grandfather, showing compassion, love and support to them by reading stories, playing games, writing letters, cleaning and doing yard work.

David has a positive attitude and always has a smile and a hello. He displays kindness to others, always ready to lend a hand. He is often seen on the playground helping the younger students on the swing, leading them by the hand, showing them how to kick and where to run, or reading them a story. 

In many ways, David demonstrates how he works toward his goals. In order to pay for university, he saves the money he earns from selling eggs. He is also up early during the week to drive with his father to Barrhead to swim before coming to school, hoping to become a lifeguard and swimming instructor. He also knows that he needs a competitive average to be accepted to his chosen field of study, so he works hard to achieve excellent marks.

David always listens carefully to others. As the colony school students speak German, and English is their second language, he takes extra time to understand what they are so excited to tell him. Wurz says, “David is also careful to show respect for the way of life on the colony. He listens to what is special to us as well as to how we live.”

David is an honest young man. Wurz says, “He buys his chicken feed from the Colony and insists on paying for it even when we tell him not to worry about it. David will track me down to be sure that I get the money for the feed he has loaded up.” He also has the courage to do what is right, even if it jeopardizes his relationship with someone. 

David has shown complete respect to colony members and their way of life. He has learned many of the customs and asks respectful questions. David shows concern for others by helping without being asked—he shovels snow at school, and he is supportive when other students are having difficulty, especially when it comes to math or spelling! He is dependable and his attendance and marks at school are exemplary. 

The school board is pleased to present David with the Citizenship Award for recognition of the positive contributions he makes in his school and community. Congratulations!