Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner—Josh Meinczinger

June 29th, 2022

Josh Meinczinger is a Grade 6 student at Busby School. He was nominated for the Citizenship Award by Teacher Jim Schaffer. 

Josh always seems to be in a good mood and his positive attitude makes him a role model for all his classmates. Schaffer says, “During our dancing unit, he helped his group show off their sweet dance moves. He was excited to create his own wampum belt at the end of our Social Studies unit. And he jumped at the opportunity to play ukulele for the B-prep class. Josh not only jumped at new opportunities, but he also has the biggest smile on his face while doing them.”

Josh consistently displays kindness to others. During recess, Josh can be found playing all sorts of games with all sorts of students around Busby. One recess he will play soccer and in another recess, he is teaching the younger students how to handle a hockey stick. During these activities, Josh is sure to share the ball and he hardly ever shoots to score. He will always pass to teammates and celebrate their glory. In addition, he takes the time to talk with other students regardless of their age. He allows them to say their peace and they all feel heard. And always with a smile on his face. Schaffer says, “Josh is one of the kindest students you will ever meet.”

Josh is a great friend to all his classmates. He ensures everyone is included in hide-and-go-seek tag at recess or makes sure everyone is on point during class. I know everyone who sits beside him appreciates all the kindness he offers. Shaffer says, “The most wonderful display of kindness I have seen this year was during the elementary basketball tournament, where Josh made sure to pass to all his teammates and ensure they had an opportunity to score. Josh’s good nature and concern for others will lead to many amazing opportunities in his future!

This is the second time that Josh has been nominated for the Citizenship Award, which was previously awarded in 2019, when he was in Grade 3. The school board is pleased to present Josh with the Citizenship Award for recognition of the positive contributions he makes in his school and community. Congratulations!