Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner — Layla Forbes

January 26th, 2023

Layla Forbes is a Grade 9 student at Pembina North Community School. She was nominated for a Citizenship Award by Teachers Michelle Rau and Mike Ivey and Educational Assistant Janice Tymkow. 

Layla is described as a positive, funny and charismatic individual. Her energy, quirky sense of humor and kindness to others make her a joy to be around. She regularly helps those around her: supporting kids who are having a hard time, teachers with random tasks and even helping students in younger grades feel at ease simply by sitting with them at lunch, sharing stories and getting to know them. Layla is a positive and encouraging teammate, and leader, in sports, both on and off the court. She leads by example, demonstrating commitment to her team, motivating and encouraging others to do their best. 

Layla is also a responsible and mature student. She makes her education a priority, completing her school work, ensuring that she studies hard and shows up to class on time. If she has questions, she does not hesitate to ask. Even when she is sick, she will check Google Classroom to stay on top of her studies. 

Layla has aspirations to be a mechanic after high school. With her determination and positive demeanor, she is sure to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to in working towards her goals.

It is evident that she has made a lasting impression and impact on the students and staff at her school and she shows an incredible zest for life and learning.

The Board of Trustees is pleased to present Layla with a Citizenship Award in recognition of the positive contributions she makes in her school and community. Congratulations Layla!