Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner—Nathan Batty

May 29th, 2020

Nathan Batty is a Grade 6 student at Neerlandia Public Christian School. He was nominated for the Citizenship Award by Teacher Sonja de Waal.

Nathan demonstrates responsibility by striving to do his best in all of his assignments. He diligently begins each task, not wasting any time. He is aware of the expectations, works hard to achieve them, and learns from his mistakes. 

Nathan always has a positive attitude. He enjoys learning new concepts and is an eager participant in classroom discussions. Nathan’s positive attitude is also very noticeable during recess times when he interacts with his classmates. When confronted with the occasional recess conflict, he gives an honest version of the events. This helps create an open discussion on how to avoid or reduce social conflict, something he applies and takes to heart. 

The school board is pleased to present Nathan with the Citizenship Award for recognition of the positive contributions he makes in his school and community. Congratulations!