Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner – Nicholas Baker

May 15th, 2019

Nicholas Baker is a Grade 9 student at Swan Hills School.  Principal Slade Sekulich submitted the Citizenship Award nomination. Nicholas embodies all the qualities suggested for a good citizen.  He has a steadfast positive attitude and desire to assist in providing the best results for everyone.  He is kind and respectful to staff and students alike, and he works well with others in the classroom, extracurricular, and community situations.  Nicholas has a good sense of humor that he uses to cheer others when they are upset.  His concern for others appears genuine because he demonstrates a consistent caring for all.  He often goes out of his way to help ensure peers feel secure and included.  Nicholas is often a calm, measured voice of reason when others may be conflicted.  He humbly works toward the appropriate outcome.

In recognition of making positive contributions to his school and community, the Board awards the Citizenship Award to Nicholas!