Division News Article

COVID-19 Update—Impact on Barrhead area students

April 22nd, 2021

As of April 22nd, we have information of positive cases as follows: BCHS – 5 cases, RFS – 1 case, NPCS – 3 cases, Sunny Bend Colony – 1 case, WES – 1 case. This data may be slightly different than what Alberta Health may have published due to timing. 

Barrhead Composite High School (BCHS) has two thirds of its high school students in isolation as a result of the cases in the community. At Neerlandia Public Christian School (NPCS), grade 7 and 8 students have been sent home to isolate. 17 students from Fort Assiniboine School are isolating. Sunny Bend Colony staff is also isolating and substitutes are providing instruction to the students. Students from R.F. Staples who were isolated have returned to classes. There are a few there who are still isolating because of other incidental contact. Westlock Elementary School has one grade 6 class who have been informed of the need to isolate. Other PHSD schools remain unaffected at this time.

The Superintendent has decided to shift all BCHS grade 10-12 students to at-home learning for the week of April 26 – 30. Students in grade 7-9 will continue learning at school. This timeframe lines up with the isolation requirements for the identified students in Barrhead. At-home learning in this case will allow teachers to deliver their content in one way – online, rather than to the few students who can come to school and students who are at home. At NPCS, the entire classes of grade 7 and 8 students are at home. In this case, the teachers are delivering content to their whole class online. At this stage, it is not necessary to declare at-home learning beyond those classes that are already isolating at NPCS.

These situations are very fluid and changes occur quickly. The protocols that our schools have in place have worked to contain transmission. Students and staff who are isolating must do so to limit their own risk and the risk to others. Our thoughts are with the families and individuals who have tested positive and are dealing with the symptoms.