Division News Article

Danica Pyper-Raymond receives the Exemplary Teacher Award

March 8th, 2021

Danica Pyper-Raymond is a teacher at Barrhead Composite High School (BCHS) and has been with Pembina Hills for over 20 years. Danica has been instrumental in encouraging literacy among each person at BCHS. She created “BCHS Reads”, a program where anyone in the entire school can choose a book from a short list and be given the book to read and discuss. This has built reading bonds between staff and students. She also has a fantastic classroom library that she regularly shares with her students and staff members. Recently she spurred the formation of the junior high literacy project.

Danica has developed a rich environment of authentic literacy within her English and Social Studies classes. She herself is constantly reading so that she can find engaging materials for her students. Because activities in her class are focused on thinking, all students can participate meaningfully. Danica believes in the power of literacy to create thinking and empathetic members of society.

Having a strong grounding in effective pedagogy, she skillfully plans instruction and shares her knowledge with other teachers. Danica continues to attend professional development and acts as a resource for any teacher needing assistance. With her high expectations and friendly demeanor, she is recognized both in her school and in the district as a source of knowledge and wisdom.