Division News Article

Gladys Foster receives Exemplary Support Services Award

June 10th, 2021

Gladys Foster is a Program Assistant at Pembina North Community School and has been with Pembina Hills for over 6 years.

She is always smiling (or dancing!) and radiates positivity even when things are not going well. She is very approachable to all students and is a presence in the hallways and playground each day. She is outside each morning, welcoming students coming in from the buses. She knows all of the students by name and interacts with them on a daily basis.

Gladys can adapt to any task or situation on the fly. She has a wealth of knowledge and tools that she can use to turn any situation into a positive. Whether it is a behaviour redirection or a published book project, Gladys will bring out the best in students.

Gladys works one on one with a student and is continually looking for ways to engage and motivate him to be part of his classroom community (socially and academically).

His parents say, “She has played an exceptional role in the success of our son at school. She is a beautiful, kind hearted, unbelievably patient lady that has a special gift of being able to encourage the stubborn, humor the grouchy & spread warmth and love to everyone in-between. You will not ever find her without a glowing smile on her face or a warm hello in the hallways at school, or in the community for that matter.”

Gladys is a role model for other program assistants (and teachers). She treats all interactions and information with confidentiality and represents the students, school and district in the best light, always.


Gladys Foster received the Pembina Hills School Division Exemplary Support Services Award in May 2021.