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Hands on learning for BCHS photography students

June 21st, 2018

Barrhead Composite High School photography teacher Bruce Tyrrell creates amazing opportunities for his students with an annual field trip to either New York or Vancouver. This year it was Vancouver, where they had the opportunity to put their skills to work — however a great deal of work had to be done before they boarded the plane.  

Galibelle Canada owners David and Lisa Broesky recruited Tyrrell’s photography students to create some social media promotional images for their business. Beginning in December, students worked in pairs putting together concepts for a photo shoot and then presented them to David and Lisa for approval. They also met with fashion photographer Pooya Nabei, who mentored the students through the entire project.

Once their designs were approved, the students found and contacted models in the Vancouver area that suited their concept. They also arranged for makeup artists and wardrobes to create the “look” they envisioned. The students researched what equipment they would need to rent for the shoot including cameras, lights, etc. and Tyrrell took care of getting that in place.  

Upon their arrival in Vancouver on May 14, and after a couple of days sightseeing, the students began putting their plans into action. One day before the photo shoot, they set up their studio space with Nabei’s help. The day of the photo shoot, the students took charge and made it all happen. Some of the students’ work is already being used by Galibelle Canada on Facebook and Instagram

Tyrrell says, “The kids did most of the work. I did tell them each step they needed to do, but I really only did the things that needed a single point of contact like contacting the rental company, or buying plane tickets.”

The trip cost each student about $300 — the class raised money for the trip by taking grad photos, something that no other school in Alberta does. Read more about their trip in this Barrhead Leader article. And check out some of the behind the scenes shots taken by Bruce Tyrrell.