Division News Article

Jill Rauscher receives the Exemplary Teacher Award

December 14th, 2022

Jill is a Grade 2 teacher at Eleanor Hall School and has been with Pembina Hills for over 8 years. 

Jill is described as having a steadfast desire in providing the best learning environment for students. Her extensive knowledge and background in special education enable her to easily practice differentiated instruction and ensure her programming has a tight curricular fit. She greets students each day with the belief that they are capable learners. Her enthusiasm for teaching inspires both students and colleagues and is reflected in the joy that students show for learning. When conflict arises in the classroom, she uses those moments to teach responsibility, kindness and caring for others leaving students feeling empowered to resolve conflict on their own. Jill has high expectations of herself and her students, knowing how to give them just the right amount of challenge and when to provide supports to ensure their success. 

She cares deeply about both students’ educational and emotional well-being. The level of value she places on students’ social-emotional development has produced personal bonds with her students, and their families, which has provided her with a deeper understanding and awareness of their needs. She is prompt in responding to parents, making herself available to answer questions and ensuring to keep an open line of communication between school and home.

Jill’s knowledge, initiative, creative ability, enthusiasm, self-confidence, ability to organize and her respectful manner enable her to be a strong staff member and leader. She is committed to her profession and desire for continuous learning, always willing to learn new methods and put them into practice to enhance student learning and expand on best teaching practices. She works collaboratively with her colleagues, sharing resources and knowledge, and teachers look to her for her leadership.

Jill is a delight to work with because she exudes positivity, preparedness and brings joy to every classroom. Students are very lucky to have Jill as their teacher!


Jill received the Exemplary Teacher Award in December 2022.