Division News Article

Pembina Hills responds to province-wide restrictions

November 30th, 2020

Kindergarten – Grade 6 continue learning at school

On November 24th, the government announced new provincial health measures that impacted schools. While Grade 7-9 students were instructed to move to at-home learning, Kindergarten to Grade 6 students will continue to learn at school. Pembina Hills does not expect teachers to provide instruction for K-6 students in class AND for students learning at home at the same time.

When do teachers provide instruction to K-Grade 6 students at home?

  • When a class group has to isolate because of their close contact to an individual in the cohort who tested positive
  • When all K-6 students are expected to learn at home during the first week of January
  • When individual students are sick and need to stay home
    • In these cases, teachers will continue to provide short term work so that the students can keep up with the class (when possible and depending on the nature of their illness).

Families were able to choose either learning at home or learning in school at the start of the school year. If parents now choose to keep their child at home despite the direction that K-6 classes are continuing in-school, the students will be considered absent and they will miss a significant amount of instruction.

Parents of K-6 students may seek exemptions to the expectations described above by contacting their child’s teacher and school principal. The Student Services Director will assess the situation and make a decision.

Junior and senior high students move to at-home learning

Junior and Senior high students have now transitioned to temporary at-home learning. Our teachers and program assistants will continue to focus on creating the best possible learning experiences. Although our students have done this before, it will be a little bit different than last spring.

What’s different this time?

  • All schools will remain open.
  • There will be no reduction in coursework or curriculum expectations.
  • Student achievement will continue to be based on the students’ performance on assessments and assignments.
  • Students can reach out to their teachers to make individual appointments for tutorial help to make sure they do not fall behind.
  • Most classes will continue to follow the same schedules as in-school.

What will classes look like?

Students are expected to connect with each of their classroom teachers during their regular class time.

  • Many teachers will provide a Google Meet link for students to join their class. Other teachers may use different tools but with the same expectations for participation.
  • Attendance will be taken at each class. If students are unable to attend the Google Meet, for example due to connection issues, teachers will create alternative methods to check in and monitor assignment completion.
  • During their online meeting, teachers can provide direct instruction or be available to answer questions.
  • Assignments will be available and submitted through Google Classrooms as much as possible.
  • Students can reach out to their teachers to make individual appointments for tutorial help to make sure they do not fall behind.

Ensuring access to technology and coursework

To ensure all students are successful during this at-home learning period, schools are working to make sure that students have the resources they need.

  • If internet service is a concern, parents can call the school or their child’s teachers to make other arrangements, such as picking up print material.
  • Chromebooks are available for students to borrow.
    • Parents will need to sign an Electronic Device Borrower Agreement with your school. The forms are available online through the Parent PowerSchool Account, click on Forms and Fees.
    • If you need help signing in to PowerSchool, please refer to the instructions on our website or contact your school office.

It’s very important that parents and students know they can reach out to schools for assistance. Our staff are committed to ensuring continuity of education for all students during this time, whether in-school or at-home. Thank you to our families for your patience and cooperation.