Division News Article

PHSD COVID 19 update: Communication Systems

April 16th, 2021

Small to moderate sized groups of students and staff from several PHSD schools have had to isolate at different times since mid March. In each case so far, our principals were informed directly and quickly by individuals or their families after receiving their positive results. This is the first link in the communication chain to get  information to the people who  need it as fast as possible. It can take courage to accept the news of a positive result, and even more to tell others. Taking that step helps ensure we can pass on information and provide instructions to others as we work to contain the spread to other cohorts.

Together we learn

Keeping our cohorts under control and everyone’s habit of doing the daily health check are two other standards that we need to continue. Thank you for continuing to trust PHSD teachers with the care of your children. This has been a hard year, but COVID has not defeated our teachers’ desire to teach or our students’ desire to learn.

Stages of Communication

  1. Alberta Health Services informs the individual that they have tested positive.
  2. The individual or their family informs the school principal.
  3. If it happens that your child is a close contact to someone who has tested positive, you will be informed as quickly as possible by phone, text and/or email.
  4. If a child or staff member in your school tests positive, the school community will be informed by text and/or email after calling the families of close contacts.
  5. When 2 or more staff or students in a school are positive at the same time, the school enters various levels of “Outbreak” starting with an Alert status. This status will be posted on the provincial map. We really don’t want a number other than zero on that score card.

How else can you help?

We have learned that the communication plan only works when we have accurate parent contact information. Let your school know of any changes or corrections to your contact information.

Be safe and stay well.