Division News Article

Sub Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

March 9th, 2020

March 9-13 is Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week and we want to give a shout out to all our substitute teachers.

Substitute teaching has to be one of education’s toughest jobs! Not only do substitute teachers need to be effective generalists with the ability to adapt to a variety of teaching assignments, they also receive calls at 7 am asking them to be ready to teach with little notice.

Unlike regular teachers who get to know their students all year and can figure out what behaviour management techniques and teaching styles will work, substitute teachers need to have a toolbox to draw on in order to face the challenge of seeing new faces every time they enter a classroom. Apart from all of that, the substitute teacher leaves at the end of a day, with little opportunity to see the benefit of their efforts.

As an essential part of Pembina Hills School Division, we want to say:
thank you for your exceptional professionalism, preparation, improvisation and enthusiasm;
thank you for bringing your best self to the students and helping them stay engaged as learners;
thank you for thinking on your feet; thank you for answering those early morning phone calls; and
thank you for providing consistent education while lightening the load for our regular teachers.

The Substitute Teacher

When I got to school today, my teacher wasn’t there.
Someone else was at her desk and sitting in her chair.
She didn’t have my teacher’s smile or hands or hair or voice.
She didn’t ask if she could stay. I didn’t have a choice.
Her smile was warm and friendly. She told us all her name.
She taught us math and phonics. We played a spelling game.
She read a funny chapter book and had us read some, too.
She did just about everything our own teacher would do.
I learned a lot at school today. I had a lot of fun.
If my teacher’s out again, I hope we get this one!