Division News Article

Tracy Tyreman receives the Exemplary Support Services Award

January 23rd, 2023

Tracy Tyreman is the Director of Facilities and has been with Pembina Hills School Division for 42 years.

Tracy is an example of a true leader and very passionate about his job as the Director of Facilities. He leads by example, coming to work with enthusiasm, a positive attitude and sense of humor that sets the tone for his team and the work day. He is a strong advocate for his department, and beyond, and makes sure that everyone knows how much they are appreciated for their contributions. 

He takes joy in collaborating with schools on projects and seeing them get what they need to improve their sites and that they are taken care of in every capacity. He strives to make sure projects are completed with quality workmanship. Every detail matters to him and he is proud to showcase the caliber of the work that his team does.

Whether on construction projects, day-to-day issues or major events, Tracy is the person you can rely on, always prompt to respond. Tracy’s work and dedication in his 42 years with the Division makes him more than deserving of receiving this award.

Congratulations Tracy!

Tracy received the Pembina Hills School Division Exemplary Support Services Award in January 2023.