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Volunteer basketball coach Arjan Koekkoek has devoted nine years to NPCS girls team

June 27th, 2016

Arjan Koekkoek is a dedicated dad and basketball coach. Arjan has been volunteering his time as a Junior High Girls Basketball Coach for the last nine years at Neerlandia Public Christian School (NPCS). As a coach, Arjan leads two practices and one game a week, as well as approximately five tournaments. All players who would like to play are welcomed to the team and taught the basics of the game.

Comments from players on the 2015/2016 basketball team:

ÒMr. Koekkoek always has good advice to give and always has a smile on his face, takes his own time to help and teach us.Ó Jocelyn

ÒMr. Koekkoek is an awesome coach. He makes us laugh with his Dutch accent, and is always encouraging us to do our best.Ó Hannah

On behalf of the Pembina Hills Public Schools Recognition Committee we would like to say congratulations!