Division News Article

Welcome to our new staff!

September 7th, 2023

We are excited to welcome ~40 new staff members, to Pembina Hills this year! These newest members of our division have a mix of experience that will enrich the diversity of our staff. To help them prepare for their new assignments, many of our new staff attended orientation sessions focused on:

  • Employee orientation — Learning about the division’s processes and systems as well as all the benefits of being an employee of Pembina Hills.
  • Understanding the values, priorities and culture of Pembina Hills
  • Engaging and growing together as a community of learners through shared experiences
  • Effective teaching to support diverse learners — They learn about the strategies intended to impact the division’s priorities: Student – Staff Relationships,  Literacy and Numeracy, and Support for Staff.
  • The continuum of supports available for students and staff

We wish them all the best in the upcoming year!

  • Barrhead Elementary School — Taylor Walsh-Brinkhurst, Shay Kulak, Hedwig, Erin Drake
  • Barrhead Composite High School — Alexandra Wilkinson, Taylor B., Ryan Siemens, Robin Kapler, Jennifer Fisher, Brett Gitzel
  • Busby School – Mara Knapp
  • Fort Assiniboine School — Matthew, David
  • Neerlandia Public Christian School — Natalie Borzel
  • Pembina North Community School — Mackenzie Dadson, Lauren Wylie, Dylan Sekulich, Christina Braben,
  • R.F. Staples Secondary School — Ainsley Hartzell, Marni Morgan, Leane Buxton, Kelsie Sharun, Jaden Kazamer
  • Westlock Elementary School — Nikki Cabral, Reese O., Karis H., Belle d., Amber Spearin
  • Student Services — Gayle Nanninga, Dave Williams
  • Swan Hills School — Sherry Pfannmuller

*Not all staff have been listed.