Administrative Procedures

10 - Policy

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10-03 Administrative Procedures, Forms & Handbooks Download

20 - Administration

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20-01 Flag Protocol Download
20-02 Visitors and School Security Download
20-03 School Dispute Resolution (External Communication Protocol) Download
20-04 Condolences Download
20-05 Public Code of Conduct Download
20-06 Evaluation of the School System Download
20-10 Political Electioneering Download
20-13 Public Relations Download
20-15 School Councils Download
20-17 Educational Partnership and Sponsorships Download
20-19 Meta Harrison Scholarship Download
20-20 Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying and Violence Download
20-21 Health and Safety Download
20-50 School Based Decision Making Download

30 - Business and Communication

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30-01 Public Sector Purchasing Code of Ethics Download
30-02 Signing Authorities Download
30-02 Signing Authorities – Appendix A – Signing Authority Matrix Download
30-04 School Generated Funds Download
30-05 Charitable Donations Download
30-06 Student Fees Download
30-07 Tuition Fees Download
30-08 Travel and Expense Reimbursement Download
30-09 Early Learning Fees for Unfunded Children Download
30-10 Host Liquor Liability Insurance Download
30-11 Contracts Download
30-12 Purchasing Card Program Download
30-13 Budget Download
30-14 Reserve Lands Download
30-15 Purchasing of Goods and Services Download
30-16 Quarterly Reports Download
30-17 Annual Financial Statements Download
30-18 Audits Download
30-20 Sales Promotions and Advertising Download
30-21 Operating and Capital Reserves Download
30-22 Alcohol on Division Premises Download
30-24 Facility User Group Insurance Program Download
30-30 Copyright Download
30-40 Video Surveillance and Camera Download
30-45 Access and Privacy Download
30-50 Records Management Download
30-51 Transferring and Destruction of Records Download
30-52 Naming Conventions for Electronic Documents Download
30-55 Record Retention Schedule Download

40 - Human Resources

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40-02 Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Download
40-03 Employee Recruitment and Selection Download
40-07 Employee Assignment and Transfer Download
40-09 Support Staff Excess Hours and Alternative Schedules Download
40-10 Time-in-Lieu – Certificated Staff Download
40-11 Personnel Records Download
40-13 Employee Discipline Download
40-14 Supplemental Unemployment Benefit for Apprentices Download
40-16 Transition to Retirement Program Download
40-18 Teacher Hearings Download
40-19 Employee Reduction Download
40-20 Employee Alcohol and Drugs Download
40-23 Employee Leaves of Absence Download
40-24 Professional Development Download
40-25 Alternate Operational Day Calendars – Certificated Staff Download
40-27 Deferred Salary Leave Plan Download
40-30 Telecommuting Download
40-32 Employee Recognition and Awards Download
40-37 Employee Wellness Download
40-39 Nepotism Download
40-41 Supervision and Evaluation – School Based Administrator Download
40-42 Support Staff Pension Plan Download
40-43 Supervision and Evaluation – Support Staff Download
40-45 Criminal Record Check and Intervention Record Check Download
40-47 Employee Code of Conduct Download
40-50 Supervision and Evaluation – Senior/Middle Manager Download
40-52 Employee Service to Other Agencies Download
40-54 Teacher Growth, Supervision & Evaluation Download
40-55 Employee Resignations and Retirement Download
40-60 Volunteers in Schools Download

50 - Student Services

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50-01 Requesting a School other than Designated School Download
50-03 Practices Related to Student Death Download
50-06 Student Attendance Download
50-07 Independent, Foreign and Adult Students Download
50-09 Student Code of Conduct Download
50-10 Student Suspension and Expulsion Download
50-12 Unauthorized/Illegal/Stolen Substances/Items Download
50-18 Student Safety – Use of Restraint and Seclusion Download
50-19 Interrogation by Outside Agencies/Searches Download
50-25 Administration of Medicine and Drugs Download
50-26 Students with Severe (Anaphylactic) Allergies Download
50-27 Counselling and Guidance Supports Download
50-30 Service Animals, Education Assistance Animals, and Classrooms Pets Download
50-31 Student Use of Bicycles/Motor Vehicles Download
50-32 Student Records /Cumulative Files Download

60 - Instruction

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60-01 Curriculum – Provincial and Alternative Programs Download
60-02 Early Childhood Services / Early Learning Programs Download
60-03 Field Trips, Excursions, National and International Tours Download
60-04 Patriotic Activities / Remembrance Day Download
60-05 School Year Calendar Download
60-06 School Day Download
60-07 School Education Planning and Reporting (Program Evaluation) Download
60-08 Concussion Protocol Download
60-10 Student Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Download
60-11 Graduation Requirements Download
60-12 Inclusive Practices (Student Placement, Programming Decisions) Download
60-14 Off-Campus Education Download
60-15 Student Activities and Organizations Download
60-16 Extracurricular Activities, Supervision and Coaching Download
60-17 Instructional Resources Download
60-18 School Libraries/Learning Commons Download
60-19 Indigenous and Métis Elder Protocol Download
60-20 Honoring First Nations, Métis and Inuit Culture Download
60-21 Research Studies Download
60-23 Religious or Human Sexuality Instruction Download
60-24 Selecting and Using Copyright-Protected Materials Download
60-25 Supervision of Students by Teachers, Staff and Volunteers Download
60-30 Support for School Improvement Programs Download

70 - Transportation

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70-101 Emergency School Closing Download
70-102 Driver Abstract Procedure Download
70-103 Consent for Bus Turn Around, Pick Up and Drop Off Download
70-104 School Bus Evacuation: Safety Related Procedures Download
70-105 Student Transportation Services – Rules, Responsibilities and Student Discipline Process Download
70-106 Bus Scheduling and Routing Download
70-107 Bus Drivers Preschool Children/Grandchildren on the Bus Download
70-109 Transportation of Students with Complex Needs Download
70-110 Substitute Coverage for Bus Drivers Download
70-111 Staff Guidelines for Field Trips Download
70-112 Bus Driver Communication Download
70-113 Bus Driver Reimbursements Download
70-116 Bus Driver Certification and Training Download
70-120 Student Transportation in Private Vehicles Download
70-121 Transportation of Children Enrolled in Early Learning Programs Download
70-122 Transportation Services – Non-Resident Students or Other Jurisdictions Download
70-123 Alternate Transportation – Students Served by Regular Bus Route Download
70-124 Alternative to System Transportation – Resident Students Attending Schools Outside System Download
70-125 Transportation Services – Non-School Download
70-126 Parent Provided Transportation Download

80 - Information Technology

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80-01 Digital Citizenship Download
80-05 Technology Acceptable Use Download
80-06 Social Media and Internet Communication Procedures Download
80-10 Information Security Download
80-11 Information Security Breach Download
80-15 Technology Evergreening Strategic Plan Download
80-20 Mobile Devices (Employees) Download

90 - Facilities

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90-01 Playground Equipment and Playfield Facilities Download
90-03 Access to Buildings, Equipment and Vehicles Download
90-07 Buildings and Sites Download
90-08 Facility Services – Maintenance and Operations Download
90-09 Disposal of School Equipment and Furniture Download
90-10 Property Inventory and Ownership Download
90-11 Chemical and Hazardous Materials Management Download
90-14 Coverall and Boot Allowance Download