10 - Policy

Document Name  
1-03-B Stakeholder Suggestions for New AP’s or AP Amendments Download

20 - Administration

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2-02 Board Agenda – Background and Recommendations Download
2-06 Media Inquiry Form Download
2-09-A School Closure Checklist Download
2-12 Request for Trustee/Superintendent Representation Download
2-19 Meta Harrison Scholarship Application Form Download
2-20-A Respectful Working & Learning Environments Complaint Form Download
2-20-B Respectful Working & Learning Environments Response Form Download
2-20-C Respectful Working & Learning Environments Witness Resp. Fm. Download
2-20-D Respectful Working & Learning Environments Summary Form Download

30 - Business

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3-03 Fundraising Budget and Financial Reporting Download
3-04 Credit Card Payment Plan – School Fees Download
3-05 Installment Plan – post dated cheques Download
3-08 Expense Claim Form Download
3-10 Host Liquor Liability Insurance for Staff Social Events Download
3-100 Petty Cash Download
3-101 Payment Request – Download for Fillable Form Download
3-12-A Purchasing Card Cardholder Change Request Download
3-12-B Purchasing Card Application Download
3-14 School Business Checklist Download
3-15 School Determined Student Fees Download
3-16 Authorization Signature Download
3-17 Regional Office Authorization Form Download
3-18-A Internal Audit Checklist Download
3-22 Waiver Document template – Society Download
3-24-A Facility User Agreement Download
3-26 Letter of Authority – Vehicle Registration Download
3-30-A Copyright Release Form Download
3-40-A Sample Letter for Principals – Video Surveillance Download
3-40-B Access and Privacy Video Surveillance Impact Assessment Tool Download
3-40-C Video Surveillance Log Download
3-40-D Video Surveillance Release and Destruction Download
3-40-E Surveillance Video Release Form Download
3-46 Student Information – General Consent Download
3-47 Student Information – Specific Consent Download
3-48 Student Creative Work – Copyright Release Download
3-49 Student Participation in Web-Based Communication – Consent Download
3-50 – Consent to Disclose Personal Information – Staff / Public Download
3-51-A Document Box Inventory for Storage and/or Destruction Download
3-51-B Certificate of Destruction Download
3-53-D Routine Disclosure Request Form Download
Student Permission Forms Flowchart Download

40 - Human Resources

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4-02 Safe Disclosure of Wrongdoing Download
4-09 Individual Overtime Agreement Download
4-14 Return to Service Agreement – Apprentice Download
4-16 Application for Transition to Retirement Program Download
4-18-A Professional Development Application Form Download
4-18-B Professional Development Actual Download
4-23 Unpaid Leave Request Download
4-27 Deferred Salary Leave Plan Download
4-30-A Telecommuting Agreement Download
4-30-B Telecommuting Workplace Safety Checklist Download
4-60 Volunteer Registration Download
Personal Professional Growth Plan Template Download

50 - Student Services

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5-02-B IAP Blanket Accident Claim Form Download
5-03 Medical Seizure Incident Report Download
5-05 Community Based Team Download
5-06 Locker Agreement Download
5-08 Student Injury Report Download
5-10-A Suspension Process Checklist Download
5-10-B Expulsion Process Steps Download
5-12-A – Consent for Release of Confidential Information Download
5-18-B Debriefing on the Use of Restraint/Seclusion Download
5-23 Medication – Parent Consent Download
5-24 Student Medication Download
5-25 Inappropriate Administration of Medication Report Download
5-26 Medication Administration – Over the Counter Drugs Download
5-30-A Parent Request: Certified Service Dog Download
5-30-B Transportation Protocol: Certified Service Dog Download
5-30-C Certified Service Dog – Sample Letter from School to Parents and School Community Download
5-32-A Inventory Sheet for Student CUM files Download
5-32-B Authorization Student Record Release Download

60 - Instruction

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6-01-A Letter to French Immersion Parents Download
6-01-B French Immersion Program Exit Interview Questions Download
6-01-C Knowledge and Employability Informed Consent Download
6-01-D Modified Program Consent – High School Pathways Download
6-03 Informed Consent/Permission: Field Trips within Walking Distance Download
6-03-A Approval in Principle: Extra-Curricular or Co-Curricular Trips, Field Trips, and Excursions Download
6-03-B Final Approval: Extra-Curricular or Co-Curricular Trips, Field Trips and Excursions Download
6-03-C Informed Consent/Permission for Extra-Curricular or Co-Curricular Trips, Field Trips, and Excursions Download
6-03-D Approval in Principle: National Tours Download
6-03-E Final Approval: National Tours Download
6-03-F Approval in Principle: International Tours Download
6-03-G Final Approval: International Tours Download
6-03-H Informed Consent/Permission Form for National and International Tours Download
6-05 A Introduction of an Alternate School Year Download
6-05-B Alternate School Year Conditions Download
6-05-C Termination of an Alternate School Year Download
6-08-A Permission and Acknowledgement of Risk – School, Phys Ed, Off-Site Activities, Intramurals Download
6-08-A Permission and Acknowledgement of Risk – School, Phys Ed, Off-Site Activities, Intramurals (Early Learning) Download
6-08-C Documentation of Concussion Monitoring / Medical Examination Form Download
6-08-D Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion – Return to Learn and Return to Physical Activity Download
6-12-A Children and Youth in Care Placement Information Download
6-14-A Off-Campus Programs – Coordinator’s Package Download
6-14-B Off-Campus Programs – Student Package Download
6-14-C Off-Campus Programs – Employer Package Download
6-14-D Off-Campus Programs – Parent Package Download
6-20 Notice Form under Section 58.1 of the Alberta Education Act Download
6-20B Distribution of materials that deal primarily or explicity with religion or human sexuality Download
6-21-A Research Studies Download

70 - Transportation

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7-102 Driver Abstract Form Download
7-103 Consent for Bus Turn Around, Pick Up and Drop Off Download
7-104-A First School Bus Evacuation Drill Download
7-104-B Second School Bus Evacuation Drill Download
7-105 Transportation Notice Download
7-107 Bus Driver’s Children on the Bus Download
7-109 Transportation Inclusive Planning Tool Download
7-110 Trial Ride Recommendation Download
7-111 Full Transportation Recommendation Download
7-120 Driver Authorization – Student Transportation in Private Vehicles Download
7-193 Driver Instruction – Training Resource Download
7-194-A Transportation Services Regional Approval Checklist Download
7-194-C Regional Approval for Bus Drivers Download
7-195-A Accident Report Download
7-195-B Yellow Bus Police Report Download
7-196 Yellow Bus Road Report Download
7-197 Mentor Program Download
7-199 School Bus Seating Plan Download
7-200 Parent Provided Transportation – Approval Download

80 - Information Technology

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8-01 Technology Acceptable Use Agreement for K-12 Students Download
8-02 Technology Acceptable Use Agreement for Staff and Trustees Download
8-03 Electronic Device Borrower’s Agreement Download
8-20 Mobile Device Reimbursement Request Form Download

90 - Facilities

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9-01 Caretaker Services Review Download
9-11-A Chemical Inventory Form Download
9-11-B Hazardous Waste Disposal Form Download


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Student Permission Forms Flowchart Download