September 14, 2016

Location: Regional Office

This meeting has already occured. You can find the related documents linked below, as well as a general summary if it was provided.


Board seeks expert advice re international field trips for students
Against the backdrop of terrorist attacks, the school board has asked Kevin Cameron, Executive Director for the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response, to assess the safety of international field trips – including two upcoming trips to Guatemala; and to France and the Netherlands. The school board will receive Cameron’s report at the September 28 board meeting.

Update on bussing procedures
This fall PHPS Transportation Services amended three procedures.
See page 3004 of the minutes for detailed information.

  • Students must be registered to ride the bus


  • Students must be registered to ride the bus
    For safety reasons, the transportation department keeps track of each student’s whereabouts while they are travelling on division buses. To that end, the department requires that only students registered on a bus be allowed to ride that bus. If parents want an alternate drop-off, parents must apply for this service ahead of time. Given this change in practice, PHPS buses will no longer transport students, who are not registered on the bus, to one-off events like birthday parties.
  • Items allowed on the school bus
    The Motor Vehicle Transport Act sets out rules about what students can bring on the bus with them.  Informed by these rules, PHPS bus drivers will decide if a specific item – like a musical instrument –will be allowed on the school bus.
  • Planning bus routes to minimize all students’ ride times
    Within the constraints of running an efficient bus system, where possible, the transportation department structures routes so the student who gets on the bus first in the morning, is the student who gets off the bus first – on the ride home. The goal is to equalize individual student ride times.

Board approves literacy council’s request to allocate money in trust fund to help build new pool in Barrhead
When the Barrhead & District Adult Learning and Literacy Council dissolved, $63,720 was left in its trust fund.  As requested by the council – and in its capacity as the host authority for the council – the school board approved donating these funds to the Barrhead & District Agrena Society to be used to build the new pool in Barrhead.

The next school board meeting is on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at the Alberta Distance Learning Centre in Barrhead. It starts at 9:30 a.m. The public is welcome to attend.

Agenda Highlights Minutes
Agenda Highlights Minutes