Violence Threat Risk Assessment

How we respond to threats of violence
Young people dealing with difficult situations and challenges they can’t resolve may resort to high risk behavior which puts them and others in danger. Because we want to keep all students and schools safe, we are working with our community partners to respond to and support those students who may pose a risk.

Our school administrators have completed intensive safety training through the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response. ​Working with Evergreen Catholic Schools, government agencies, the RCMP and community partners, we have developed a prevention and intervention protocol to guide our response to students who may pose a threat.

Our commitment to proactively respond to threats is a key element of this protocol. As always our goal is to keep our students and schools safe. We thank our protocol partners for working with us to sustain healthy, caring learning environments for the students we serve.

Violent Threat Risk Assessment Brochure
Q and A: VTRA