Professional Development

Professional Development to support learning from a distance

>>>ARPDC (ERLC) Training Supports for Teachers

*NEW* Assessment and Grading to Support Learning At Home – Rick Wormeli

A candid and provocative, virtual PD session on the basic principles and practices of modern assessment and grading as they apply to our new teaching reality.  YouTube

If you’re interested in registering for the other 2 webinars with Rick, please see the links below to register:

ARPDC: Learning at Home:  A list of instructional videos and other resources for teachers to develop distance learning skills.  Includes webinars on how to use ADLC courses and resources.

>>>Supporting Learning from Home: ARPDC Facebook Groups and On-Line Weekly Meetings

Beginning the week of March 30th, the ARPDC will be hosting FREE Facebook Groups and weekly on-line get togethers to support teacher networking across school authorities in grade or subject similar roles.

Use the links in this document to join:  ARPDC Facebook Groups

>>> Moving Education Online (Athabasca University)

The curated sites included on this website provide broad support for K-12 educators as you enhance knowledge and skills that support your efforts to remotely teach.

>>>TQS in Alternative Learning Environments

As teachers across Alberta transition to remote/online/distance teaching, administrators are interested to learn what teacher supervision in these environments will look like.  This document is a collection of ideas organized under the elements of the TQS.

  • Audience: Principals and teachers
  • Format: Documents
  • Access:  The document is stored in Google drive and is viewable by employees of Pembina Hills using their Pembina Hills google login credentials
  • Link:  TQS in Alternative Learning Environments

>>>How to stay productive and motivated when working from home

A brief, single page summary of useful suggestions for those transitioning to working from home.

PD Opportunities

Here’s a list of online learning opportunities. If you complete one, send an email to our Division Lead Teacher of Inclusion describing your reflections as a sort of ‘exit slip’ and so we can keep track of the most popular opportunities.

Dr. Amy Laurent (SCERTS Creator) – TedTalk “Letting Go of Control and Rethinking Support for Autistic Individuals”:
Dr. Amy Laurent (SCERTS Creator) – Podcasts:
Shelley Moore Book Club (Uniquely Human by Barry Prizant, SCERTS Creator):
Autism Internet Modules:
Pastel Learning – Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders:
Els for Autism Foundation:
Autism Community Training:
Webinar with Dr. David Pitonyak (April 14th @ 1:00)
Caroline Musselwhite: Supporting Students with Complex Needs at Home
Canada FASD Research Network:
The Inspired Educator (Julie Casuton):
The Inspired Paraprofessional (Julie Causton):
Pastel Learning Modules (Multiple Topics):
Shelley Moore: Five Moore Minutes
Brain Story Certification (Alberta Family Wellness Initiative)

School Division Professional Development

As we plan professional development (PD) for our staff, we keep two goals in mind:

  • our PD programs will have a positive impact on student learning and achievement
  • our PD programs will support our Education Plan strategies and priorities.

See the division calendar for PD schedule.

External PD opportunities
Alberta Teachers’ Association
Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium