Be Safe on the Bus

If the school bus’ lights are flashing red. Stop!
Flashing red means a student is walking towards or away from the school bus. You must stop!
Passing a school bus with flashing red lights will get you six demerit points a $567 fine and possibly double your insurance rates.

School bus safety is job one!
We strive to keep our precious cargo safe by training our bus drivers, setting clear expectations for student behaviour, using technology and educating students about the bus safety.  We ask parents to help us by reviewing our expectations with your children.

Your bus driver is key to keeping students safe
Your bus driver is your first point of contact for any concerns or questions.

  • Please let your bus driver and the Transportation Office know if your phone number or address changes so we can keep accurate records.
  • Tell your bus driver if your child won’t be catching the bus
  • If your child misses the bus after school, they should go to the school office.
    Children should NEVER walk home or go elsewhere.
  • While the bus driver will make every effort to ensure the safety of the students when dropping them off, the driver can not leave the bus unattended. It is up to parents/guardians to ensure students can get into the home.
  • We leave it to the bus driver to decide if eating in the bus is allowed.

Technology working to keep our students and buses safe
Our Child Check Mate System ensures younger students aren’t left on the bus.
Our buses are equipped with video cameras which record and monitor behaviour on the bus.
Each bus has GPS. This allows us to track our buses on their routes to keep our status reports current.

Rules for riding the bus
Our school buses are extensions of our classrooms. We have the same expectations of student behaviour on our buses as in our classrooms.

Before getting on the bus…

  • Be at your designated pick up location, 5 minutes before your scheduled pick up.
  • We live in a cold climate, please dress for the weather including footwear, outerwear, headwear and gloves/mitts. Our drivers will be in touch if they have concerns.
  • At the bus stop, do not stand or play on the road. No pushing or shoving. Stay clear of the bus and make sure the bus driver can see you at all times.
  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop. Walk, do not run, to or from the bus. Board the bus in single file without crowding or pushing.
  • If you have to cross the road, do so at least 10 meters in front of the bus. NEVER cross behind the bus. Wait for the driver’s signal before crossing. Look both ways.
  • When boarding and getting off the bus make sure that the bus driver can see you at all times.
  • Once on the bus, go directly to your seat. Sit down before the bus resumes motion.


  1. Your bus driver is in full charge of the bus at all times. Please obey the bus driver promptly and respectfully.
  2. Students must face forward and remain seated at all times. Students must not extend body parts out of the windows.
  3. Students must remain in their seats until the bus has come to a stop. Standing and moving around while the bus is moving is NOT permitted.
  4. Students must keep books, lunch boxes and other items on their lap, not in the aisle where someone may trip over them.
  5. Once students have boarded the school bus they may not get off the bus until they have reached the school or their home stop — unless they ride on a transfer bus.
  6. Transferring into private vehicles is not permitted.
  7. Tobacco, alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited.
  8. Students must not vandalize or damage the bus or other property on the bus.
  9. Littering of any kind will not be tolerated.
  10. Inappropriate use of electronic devices is prohibited. Videotaping the driver or other students is not allowed and may result in the device being confiscated.
  11. Dangerous objects and/or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.

How we deal with student misbehaviour…
The bus driver will report incidents to the principal — who may suspend the student from riding the bus (temporarily) or recommend the student not be allowed to ride the bus (at all). The student may have to make restitution.

Here is the process we follow:

  1. On the first occasion, the driver will give the student a verbal warning and document the incident.
  2. On the second occasion, the driver will contact the parent/guardian and the school principal. A Transportation Notice may be issued. This notice will be shared with the student, parents and the school principal, who may take disciplinary action which may include a suspension – or even expulsion – from riding the bus. Serious offences will be reported to the police.

What not to bring on the bus?  
Basically students should only bring a backpack on the bus. We follow Alberta Transportation’s list of no-nos: animals, firearms/weapons, explosives, flammable items, fuel, big band instruments, big bags, skateboards, snowboards, baseball bats, skis, sleighs and toboggans. In short, any item that is hard to secure, would become a projectile in a sudden stop, extend into another student’s seat or block an aisle or emergency exit.

Teaching students about how to ride the bus safely
Each spring we offer a school bus ridership program to students in all grades. The program teaches students the importance of school bus safety in a fun, engaging and entertaining way. Students learn in the classroom, by the bus and on board the bus.

More resources for bus safety are available here:

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