February 26, 2020 Board Meeting News

February 28th, 2020

Pembina North Community School –

Pembina North demonstrates Concept-Based Teaching and Learning 

As part of their school report, Pembina North Community School Principal Raime Drake and Associate Principal Daryl Chattargoon provided an overview of the school’s journey with concept based teaching and learning. Concept-based instruction (CBI) provides teachers with clear targets for what students will come to understand, so educators can become more deliberate in creating lessons that advance connections between concepts and knowledge or skills from the curriculum.

Before any learning can take place, it is essential for students to feel like they belong academically and socially.  All staff at Pembina North Community School value the relationships they build with students and getting to know their strengths and stretches through the lenses of literacy, numeracy, behaviour and social emotional learning.  The school prides itself on its inclusive programming for Kindergarten to Grade 9 students including academics, Fine Arts, Career & Technology Foundations (CTF), and whole school activities and experiences.

Quote of the day: “We will know inclusive education has really become embedded in our culture when the term becomes obsolete.” Michael F. Giangreco et al.

Thank you to Pembina North Community School for hosting the February 26th board meeting and to Principal Raime Drake and Associate Principal Daryl Chattargoon for providing an overview of their school for trustees.

Electoral Ward Review Report released

The goal of the electoral ward review is to analyze the current ward structure and ensure that it effectively represents both the general and school populations and communities in alignment with Policy 7-0 Board Operations: Wards.

From January 15th to February 3rd, trustees attended school council meetings to present information about the ward review. An online survey was conducted to gather feedback on three options. Based on the input received and published in the ‘What We Heard’ report, the board has created a fourth option, with six (6) wards and six (6) trustees:

  • Pembina Hills East, Ward 1
    • Area includes Busby School and Eleanor Hall School
  • Pembina Hills East, Ward 2
    • Area includes Pembina North Community School and the Colony Schools
  • Town of Westlock
    • Area includes R.F. Staples Secondary School, Westlock Outreach and École Westlock Elementary School
  • Pembina Hills West, Ward 1
    • Area includes Neerlandia Public Christian School and Dunstable School
  • Pembina HIlls West, Ward 2
    • Area includes Fort Assiniboine School and Swan Hills School
  • Town of Barrhead
    • Area includes Barrhead Composite High School, Barrhead Outreach and École Barrhead Elementary School

Although specific schools are located within each ward, it’s important to note that trustees do not represent any one school or community. They make decisions based on the entire needs of the division.

Trustees will be attending school council meetings in March and April to seek input on this new option.

Alternate school calendars approved

The board approved the 2020-2021 alternate school calendars for Busby, Colony Schools, Dunstable, Eleanor Hall, Fort Assiniboine, Neerlandia Public Christian, Pembina North, and Swan Hills. These are available to view and print on the School Calendars page of the division website.

School board cancels R.F. Staples trip to Italy

The school board made a decision to cancel the R.F. Staples Secondary School international field trip to Italy next month. The trip was scheduled to take place from March 19-29, 2020 and included stops in Milan, Venice, Florence, Siena and Rome. The board’s decision to cancel the trip was based on the recent spike in cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in regions of northern Italy, where the cities of Milan and Venice are located.

See the board meeting agenda and minutes for more information.

The next school board meeting is at Regional Office on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 starting at 9:00 a.m. Members of the public are welcome to attend.