Division Priorities

Pembina Hills School Division’s mandate is to deliver an education program consistent with the Alberta Education Act. Our purpose is to deliver an excellent education. We will ensure the delivery of an excellent education to our students so they become ethical and responsible members of society.

Together we learn

We value success for every student. We can achieve success for every student when:

  • All participants in the education system are engaged in learning
  • Students, staff, parents, and community commit to building an inclusive culture that is welcoming, caring, respectful and safe, in every area of the system
  • We accept all students for who they are and what they need
  • We provide all students with a sense of belonging
  • We teach the literacy and numeracy skills students need to be confident and competent in school and in life

Our priorities are:

  • Student-Staff Relationships
    Positive relationships between students and staff are the foundation upon which we build students’ resilience, confidence and mental well-being.
  • Literacy and Numeracy
    Literacy and Numeracy are critical for Student Achievement in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Support for Staff
    A collaborative environment enables staff to teach a diverse student population through purposeful inclusion and supports the implementation of effective practices.