Accident Insurance

The Pembina Hills School Division Board of Trustees believes that children, as a matter of right, should be safe, secure and adequately cared for at home, at school, and in the community. We purchase Blanket Student Accident Insurance on behalf of all students for coverage during the school day – this includes regularly scheduled, approved, and superivsed school trips.

Participation in extra-curricular activities often means students will travel on field trips or visit other schools, such as for band tours or sports. These regularly scheduled, approved and supervised activities are included in all coverage options available under the Blanket Student Accident program. Travel directly to and from the site of the activity is also covered.

The Blanket Student Accident Insurance covers:

  • ambulance charges incurred as a result of ‘injury’ (no limit), and
  • ambulance charges incurred as a result of ‘sickness and non-injury’ emergencies, and related medical or dental expenses to a maximum combined limit of $1000.

To submit a claim under the Blanket Student Accident Insurance Policy: