Student Fees

Parents are no longer required to pay instructional materials fees. Schools will however continue to charge fees for enhanced educational services and non-curricular activities; for example field trips, resale supplies, milk programs, hot lunch programs, sports teams, clubs, etc.

Estimated student fees  
The provincial government requires school divisions to post a schedule of fees for these types of activities (see below). The purpose is to give parents a heads up about the costs involved with specific activities during the school year. Please note many of the fees listed are estimates only, meant to assist families as they budget and plan for the upcoming school year.

What if I can’t afford my child’s fees?
Fees may be waived for families who cannot afford them. Parents must contact their school principal to request that their child’s fees be waived. No student will be prohibited from participation based on financial need.

How do I pay my child’s fees?
Parents must login to PowerSchool to pay for their child’s school fees online. It’s fast, simple and secure. It’s a great way to pay without the need for cash or checks.

Visit our PowerSchool for Parents page for details on how to access your account. Contact your child’s school if you have any questions about fees or payments.

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