Emergency Response

Our first priority is the safety, security, and well-being of our students and staff. While we hope our schools are never faced with an emergency situation, we are prepared to respond should one occur.

There are three different terms we will use, depending on the type of situation:

  • Lockdown – Major incident or threat of school violence within the school, or in relation to the school
  • Hold and Secure – Used when it is necessary to secure the school due to an ongoing situation outside and not related to the school (e.g. a bank robbery occurs near a school but not on school property; a moose on the playground)
  • Shelter in Place – Environmental or weather related situation, where it is necessary to keep all occupants within the school, to protect them from an external situation (e.g. chemical spill, blackouts, extreme weather conditions)

How will parents receive notification of emergency situations?

We use a system called SchoolMessenger which allows us to quickly notify parents by phone, email and text message (the numbers and email addresses must listed in the child’s file). Parents must OPT-IN to receive emergency alerts by text message by texting “Y” or “YES” to 978338.

Information will also be posted on the division website and social media accounts. Here are some other ways you can stay connected: