February 22, 2023 Board Meeting News

February 24th, 2023

Regional Office ~ 

2023-2024 Alternate School Year Calendars Approved

Alberta Education mandates a minimum number of instructional hours for all students – 950 for elementary and junior high school students and 1,000 hours for high school students.  

This requirement, along with bus schedules, means that some schools have longer days than others and therefore more instructional hours than are required. To address this, schools have the option of developing alternate school year calendars that designate specific days as “alternate days” in which students and staff do not attend. Alternate days vary by school depending on start and end times and community-specific events.

Because each school’s calendar is different, they must be individually approved by the board. At their February 22 meeting, trustees reviewed and approved the proposed 2023-2024 alternate school calendars. The approved calendars will be posted on the division and school websites.  

Alternate calendars were approved for:

  • Barrhead Composite High School
  • Busby School
  • Pibroch & Sunny Bend Colony Schools
  • Dunstable School
  • Eleanor Hall School
  • Fort Assiniboine School
  • Neerlandia Public Christian School
  • Pembina North Community School
  • R.F. Staples Secondary School
  • Swan Hills School

R. F. Staples Extra-Curricular Trip to California

The Board granted approval in principle for the R.F. Staples Secondary School senior boys’ and senior girls’ basketball teams to take an extracurricular trip to San Diego and Anaheim, California from December 26, 2023, to January 2, 2024.

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