November 27, 2019 Board Meeting News

November 29th, 2019

Regional Office –

Statement on the Provincial Budget

Two major financial factors have emerged that impact the current school year:

  1. Education Funding: While the basic per-student grant was maintained, three other grants were eliminated. While we received a one-time transition grant, the school division will still receive $832,899 less than last year.
  1. Cost of Insurance: There has been an unprecedented increase in insurance premiums. The combined impact of increased costs for property, liability, and vehicle insurance is $621,183.

Together, these two factors negatively impact the budget for Pembina Hills School Division by $1,454,082. The board has passed a motion to save costs and find further efficiencies that maximize our budget while ensuring our students continue to receive an excellent education. While this budget has required us to make difficult choices, our intent was to minimize impacts on staff and to prioritize the educational experience of our students.

For further details please see the letter that was sent home to our PHSD families.

Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report

Assistant Superintendent Mark Thiesen presented the combined Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report to the school board for approval prior to publishing and submission to Alberta Education. In addition to previously received data and commentary about standardized tests and satisfaction surveys, the AERR also describes Pembina Hills’ history, geography and demographics.

Additional highlights celebrate that 25% of Grade 7-12 students achieved the honor roll, and recognize the contributions of 136 community partners and 670 volunteers in our schools. We invite parents and community members to read the summary report here.

See the board meeting agenda and minutes for more information.

The next school board meeting is at Dunstable School on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 starting at 9:00 a.m. Members of the public are welcome to attend.