November 22, 2023 Board Meeting News

November 24th, 2023

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Approval of Audited Financial Statements

All publicly-funded organizations in Alberta are required to publish annual financial statements which are audited by a professional accountant. The Board approved the financial statements for Pembina Hills School Division for the year ended August 31, 2023 and received a report from the division’s auditor.  

Pembina Hills ended the fiscal year in a healthy financial position, and with a planned deficit from operations of $2.4 million. The deficit was intentionally generated in order to bring the division’s reserves into line with legislated requirements.

The annual audited financial statements are available on the Pembina Hills website

Approval of Annual Education Results Report (AERR)

School divisions are required to publish reports on an annual basis to report on performance measures, including surveys and achievement reports.  

The results discussed in the 2022-2023 report include an assessment of the division’s assurance results in student growth and achievement, teaching and leading, learning supports, and governance. In each of these areas, Pembina Hills’ results were evaluated over a three-year period, as well as compared to Provincial results. The division continues to measure well in citizenship but has opportunities for growth in scoring on provincial testing.

The Annual Education Results Report is available on the Pembina Hills website

Information Technology (IT) Assurance Report

On an annual basis, key departments within the division make presentations to the Board, providing an overview of their operations as well as some of their main projects. The IT department provides a wide range of services to all departments within the school division. This includes equipment, software and back-end support to the division’s community schools and offices, as well as to Vista Virtual School. 

As well as reporting on historical activities, Director of Information Technology Alex Mottus also discussed some of the challenges that the division will face related to the use of artificial intelligence in education. See the IT Assurance Report for more details.

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