Division News Article

Alex Mottus receives the Exemplary Support Services Award

June 15th, 2022

Alex Mottus is the Director of Information Technology Services and has been with Pembina Hills School Division for 14 years.  

Alex has guided and maintained a highly efficient technology infrastructure for the school division and we rely on his knowledge and vision to ensure our technology foundations support administration and learning. His foresight has ensured that our students have access to all the things that technology has to offer in support of student learning. He also guides and supports all of the administrative functions supported by technology.

Alex makes decisions based on the user experience. That is, he wants to ensure that students and staff do not find tech or the infrastructure to be a barrier to learning, or to efficiently doing their jobs. He also leads a team that provides a foundational structure to our learning environment. Although we could live without tech, we absolutely live better with tech. The technology infrastructure in our school division is critical and Alex’s work contributes to the vitality of our school system.