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Board visits Westlock Schools Nov. 16

November 17th, 2022

The Pembina Hills Board of Trustees had the opportunity to visit Westlock schools on Wednesday, November 16, starting at R.F. Staples Secondary School.

R.F. Staples School & Westlock Outreach

Principal Darcy Kirkham and Associate Principal Stephanie Vela-Lopez provided Board members and Superintendent Michael Borgfjord with a tour of the school. The Board had the opportunity to watch the fantastic opening act of the Matilda Jr. Musical matinee put on by the school and Dream Merchant Theatre. The Board also took in some of the school’s volleyball pep rally for as both the senior boys and girls’ teams are heading to the 3A North Zones tournament this weekend.

Principal Kirkham highlighted some of the school’s programming and points of accomplishments, such as the new lab in the junior high end where the students receive lots of hands-on learning, the two wellness rooms, the successful school athletic program, the positive amount of student engagement and support in both academics and athletics, the dedication and commitment of school staff as well as the teacher collaboration work taking place this year. Principal Kirkham also spoke about the mental health supports being provided at the school and the challenges this year, at both the student and staff levels.

The Board also toured Westlock Outreach which serves approximately 70 students in grades 7-12.


École Westlock Elementary School

Members of the Board were hosted by Principal Amber Monteath and Associate Principal Robert Weiss in the afternoon. The leadership team spoke about the increase in the school’s enrollment, efforts being made to improve student-staff relationships, the commitment and enthusiasm of staff, the positive shifts in the school culture, the teacher collaboration work taking place this year and establishing common practices and language for students around mental health.

The Board toured the school, stopping in to visit students during their various classroom activities.

A big thank you to the R.F. Staples, Outreach and Westlock Elementary Schools!