Division News Article

Chyan Brand receives Exemplary Teacher Award

March 26th, 2021

Chyan Brand is a grade 3 teacher at Eleanor Hall School and has been with Pembina Hills for 10 years. Chyan is always there to support her colleagues and is often sought after for her great ideas and enthusiasm of learning. She has an optimistic personality and is always encouraging to everyone around her.

Chyan constantly has a smile on her face. She sees the positives in every situation encouraging her students to learn from their mistakes and always try their best.  She also provides many different ways for her students to show their learning and growth. One thing that stands out is her “Building Unit.” This unit often makes her room a mess but the students thoroughly enjoy showing their learning. Students are given an abundance of material and then given the freedom to show their learning.

Chyan is great at building relationships with students. She strives to find out everything she can about her students, demonstrating empathy and genuine caring. Chyan is an amazing role model for everyone around her. All her students quickly learn that she cares for them and wants them to achieve their personal best. Chyan is an excellent teacher and her classroom is an exciting place to be!


Chyan Brand received the Pembina Hills School Division Exemplary Teacher Award in February 2021.