Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winners—Benjamin and Joshua Fray

June 16th, 2022

Benjamin and Joshua Fray are twin brothers who are enrolled in Grade 11 at Vista Virtual School. They were nominated for the Citizenship Award by their friend, Ken Black.

Benjamin and Joshua demonstrate responsibility by taking initiative to accomplish any duties they are assigned. Black says, “They take a great deal of time out of their busy schedule to assist in the set up of in-person or video conference meetings at our place of worship.” They are dependable, always following through on assignments, and often volunteering to cover for others on short notice.

With their positive attitude, Benjamin and Joshua have a good sense of humor and leave you smiling at the end of a conversation. They help and support others and show kindness to others through their actions, devoting a specific amount of time every month to assist people through volunteer work, including writing letters and making phone calls to assist and support individuals.

Both boys are very organized, and they know how to lay out a plan, and work towards the successful completion of their goals. They also listen to others and take direction extremely well. Because of this ability, they have been able to assist in public speaking, the distribution of information, and assisting in the audio visual department at their place of worship.

Benjamin and Joshua have a reputation of being honest and actively take responsibility for their actions, even when people get them mixed up. They have the courage to do what is right and hold themselves to a very high standard. They respect others and have very good manners, including addressing people correctly, and holding the door for their peers and elders. 

Black provided an example of how the two show concern for others, saying,During the pandemic on two separate occasions, I had to self isolate as a precaution. Benjamin and Joshua and their family brought us food, a card and gifts. The care and concern was above and beyond just our physical need but they also wanted to make sure we felt happy as well.”

The school board is pleased to present Benjamin and Joshua with the Citizenship Awards for recognition of the positive contributions they make in their school and community. Congratulations!