Division News Article

Colleen Smart receives Exemplary Support Services Award

June 25th, 2021

Colleen Smart is a program assistant at Swan Hills School and has been with Pembina Hills for over 21 years.

Every morning, Colleen welcomes each student into the school with a bright smile and can be heard sharing jokes and giggling with the students. Students are very disappointed if it is not their day to work one on one with her. Students feel very safe and cared for by Colleen. She shows extreme patience with them and they know that she can be a go-to person for them in a time of need.

Colleen challenges students to think beyond the classroom. She encourages them to take risks and try new challenges. Often, students will not be willing to take a risk until Colleen is beside them, guiding them to be adventurous. Frequently, you will hear students thanking Colleen for helping them through whatever struggle it was that they were faced with.

Colleen is a very important part of the school and each of the classrooms that she works in. She is extremely helpful and is always willing to take on a challenge. This year, she has been given a variety of responsibilities. With these responsibilities, she has taken the time to study and learn different programs that she implements when working with student groups or individual students. She will create fun and exciting extra activities to motivate students to participate in their learning.

Colleen creates a welcoming atmosphere by being a prankster, making people laugh, as well as being a supportive colleague to rely on.  Colleen is a very caring and friendly individual. She is often making and creating projects for teachers and surprising them with her creations. This can vary from making homemade treats that mysteriously appear on desks, to sewing 20 new chair pockets for all the individual students in the classroom.

Staff admires her overall dedication to students and her ability to make Swan Hills School a better place.


Colleen Smart received the Pembina Hills School Division Exemplary Support Services Award in June 2021.