Division News Article

Familiar Faces in New Places

April 16th, 2018

Three new administrative positions have been filled – congratulations to Kelly Ferguson, Jake Warkentin and Loya De Clercq. Read their announcements below, along with all the principals and associate principals taking on new challenges at different schools and regional office effective the 2018-19 school year. We wish them all the best on these new adventures!

Kelly Ferguson - Associate Principal, École Barrhead Elementary School
Jake Warkentin - Associate Principal, ADLC
Loya De Clercq - Associate Principal, ADLC
Steven Kaplan - Principal, Alberta Distance Learning Centre
Darcie Eamor - Principal, Barrhead Composite High School
Brett Seatter - Principal, Neerlandia Public Christian School
Raime Drake - Principal, Pembina North Community School
Lisa Gehring - Coordinator of Literacy & Numeracy
Greg Ferguson - Associate Principal, Barrhead Composite High School
Charlene Assenheimer - Associate Principal, Student Services 
Frank McCallum - Associate Principal, Vista Virtual School