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February 21, 2024 Board Meeting News

February 26th, 2024

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2024-25 Alternate School Year Calendars Approved

Pembina Hills adopts a Division Calendar as a base for all schools.  This Division calendar establishes first and last days for students and dates for fall, winter and spring breaks. The minimum number of instructional hours mandated by Alberta Education and other operational and scheduling considerations mean some schools start their days earlier and end later or they operate year-round (Vista Virtual School). Therefore have the option of developing an alternate school year calendar that must be approved individually by the board. 

 At the February 21, 2024 meeting, the board reviewed alternate calendars for Barrhead Composite High School, Barrhead & Westlock Outreach Schools, Busby School, Dunstable School, Eleanor Hall School, Fort Assiniboine School, Neerlandia Public Christian School, Pembina North Community School, Pibroch and Sunny Bend Colony Schools, R.F. Staples Secondary School and Swan Hills School. These calendars were approved and will be published on their school websites and the division website.

Approval in Principle – BCHS trip to Greece and Turkey Tour in 2025

Pembina Hills encourages its students to participate in special events such as field trips, athletic competitions, music and drama festivals, tours and student exchanges, as these activities can significantly complement the educational program.  While Field Trips, Excursions, National and International Tours have positive educational value, care must be taken to ensure that all off-site activities are organized in a manner that maximizes educational benefit and ensures the protection and safety of students.

The board considered a request from Barrhead Composite High School regarding a trip to Greece with an excursion to Turkey from March 19 to April 2, 2025. The board approved the trip in principle, which authorizes the lead teacher to inform students and parents and to continue planning the trip.  

Board Supports School Councils

The Alberta School Councils Association hosts a conference in April to promote effective school council practices and parent engagement. To encourage attendance from Pembina Hills’ school council members, the board increased the available funding from the Division to $5,000.  Any interested school council members can apply for a portion of this funding to offset the costs of attending the conference.

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Next School Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Division Office
9:30 a.m.