Division News Article

Kim Tuininga-Sybesma receives Exemplary Teacher Award

May 3rd, 2021

Kim Tuininga-Sybesma is a teacher at Neerlandia Public Christian School, serving over 15 years in a variety of elementary classrooms including Associate Principal for several years.  During that time, she offered exceptional leadership and support for our administration.

Mrs. Sybesma is often willing to take the lead on an issue or project to seek solutions for improvement and student enjoyment. She is often the “eyes and ears on the ground” with staff and students to be aware of areas that can be improved. She is often willing to bring up issues and make sure improvements are made so students can have fun and be engaged while learning at school.

Mrs. Sybesma is viewed as a natural leader within the school and is often a voice of advocacy and reason between colleagues. As the Lead Literacy teacher for NPCS, she can often be found mentoring other teachers in their literacy practice and programming. As the PD representative for staff not only does she want to create the best learning opportunities, but she is often the one doing work behind the scenes to make the day extra special – this includes snacks, drinks, making the setting comfortable and inviting, and carving out time to build and grow staff relationships.

Mrs. Sybesma sets high standards for her students and pushes them to go beyond what they are normally satisfied with. She seeks unique ways to engage in learning and provides multiple modes for students to show their learning through a variety of class assignments.

Mrs. Sybesma is passionate about the Christian faith and helping students to realize their full potential in who they are as a child of God. She is a true teaching professional always putting the needs of her students first.


Kim Tuininga-Sybesma received the Pembina Hills School Division Exemplary Teacher Award in April 2021.