Division News Article

Our Principals Welcome You

September 4th, 2019

We’re proud to introduce the leaders of each of our schools for the 2019-2020 school year. Principals foster relationships and lead the learning communities.  They also manage the school operations and resources, and they guide and support those who teach your children.

Barrhead Composite High School / Barrhead Outreach —
Principal Darcie Eamor; Associate Principals Greg Ferguson and Prakash Raju

Busby School Principal Angie Bachand

Dunstable School — Principal Tammy Tkachuk

Early Learning — Principal Shirley Craig

École Barrhead Elementary School —
Principal Dale Bujold; Associate Principals Dale Erickson and Kelly Ferguson

École Westlock Elementary School —
Principal Pierre Ouimet; Associate Principal Amber Monteath

Eleanor Hall School —
Principal Nadine Marchand; Associate Principal Melanie Buckley

Fort Assiniboine School — Principal Lorna Hiemstra

Neerlandia Public Christian School —
Principal Brett Seatter; Associate Principal Kim Sybesma

Pembina North Community School —
Principal Raime Drake; Associate Principal Daryl Chattargoon

Pibroch and Sunny Bend Colony Schools — Principal Jerry Buchko

R. F. Staples Secondary School / Westlock Outreach —
Principal Wayne Rufiange; Associate Principals Perry Kulmatyski and Jason Wiks

Swan Hills School —
Principal Slade Sekulich; Associate Principal Sheila Gardiner

Vista Virtual School —
Principal Mike Loitz; Associate Principals Treena Bradbury and Frank McCallum