Division News Article

Update: The path forward

February 1st, 2021

On Friday, January 29th the Premier and his team provided an update to Alberta’s COVID-19 situation and described a path forward regarding the lifting of restrictions. This ‘roadmap’ outlines the sectors that will see gradual restriction changes at each step based on hospitalization benchmarks. There are some points along the way that will impact schools.

The first waypoint is February 8th, in which schools will be allowed to use off-site facilities for curriculum related activities. Intramural activities and team practices can occur if no new cohorts are created. However school teams are still not allowed to compete with other schools.

While physical education activities that require other facilities will be possible, we will not permit using time other than scheduled Phys Ed time. That means that using part or all of a day for skiing for instance, will not be permitted yet.

See the full description of the path forward at the province’s website: Stronger public health measures.