Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit?

With Dual Credit programming, Grades 10-12 students have the opportunity to complete a college course or program while earning credits at both the college and high school (Gr. 12, 30-level) levels at the same time.

Why take Dual Credit programming?

  • Finding their path: Taking dual credit programming allows students to try out a post-secondary course or program and prepares students for a post-secondary environment. 
  • Students can earn both high school and college credits at the same time
  • Schooling at home that fits the student’s schedule: Dual Credit programming is completed online with most courses being accessed when the students are available – during the day, evening or whenever it fits their schedule. Students may be able to complete an entire college program while living at home, depending on the program. 
  • It can lower future course loads and save money: Students can complete courses towards a credential before going to a post-secondary institution. Students can also get a rebate (up to 90% of tuition) upon successful completion.
  • Students can complete college prerequisite courses

Who is eligible to take dual credits?

High school students who are 19 years of age or younger as of September 1, 2023 are eligible to take dual credits. 

Dual Credit Opportunities

Through Northern Lakes College

  • Addictions Counseling*
  • Business Administration**
  • Computer Network Specialist**
  • Early Learning & Child Care**
  • Education Assistant**
  • Office Administration**
  • Practical Nurse*
  • Primary Care Paramedics*
  • Social Work Courses*
  • University Transfer Courses*

* Individual courses, not entire program
** Individual courses OR entire program

Students planning to attend colleges in Alberta other than Northern Lakes College may also be able to start their program while attending highschool. Students must talk to their career counselor or school administration as soon as possible.

Some programs require practicum placements that can be completed within our community or they may require practical experience that must be completed away from home.


Students can talk to their school career counselor or school administration about dual credit opportunities, prerequisite requirements and the registration process.

Students intending to enroll in Dual Credit programming that starts in the fall may need to be registered by June 2023 for some programs/courses. 

For more information, contact PHSD’s Dual Credit Coordinator:

Karen Fischer